About Joe Wells

When I was at school I always wanted to be a script writer but as the eldest son I was brought up to follow tradition and enter the family bakers business as had my father and his father before him.

For many years I dutifully worked in the business until my father decided it was time to retire and when asked if I wanted to carry on the business or sell up I jumped at the chance to take the money and run. It was around this time that friends of mine asked me to join them in their work with The Young Variety Club of Great Britain specifically in the production of amateur plays and musicals with the aim of raising money for handicapped and under privileged children.

Always a rather shy person I was somewhat reluctant to take up the offer of a one line part but as there was no one else available I made the second stage appearance of my life; the first being a school play where I played the daughter of Midas and uttered the immortal line, ‘Father, father’.
As you can see there was a progression from two words to a whole line and by this time I had got the acting bug.

After some time and some very amateurish performances in various establishments myself and a couple of friends of mine finally attained our Equity cards and set about looking for slightly better paid work.

Having worked my way up the theatrical ladder from the bottom to just about earning a living my father died and fairly soon after my mother developed dementia which necessitated me becoming a full time carer.

It was during this period that I started to write to keep my creative side amused and after my mother died I received a ‘Dear John’ letter from my agent as I hadn’t been in touch quite as much as I should have done as I was unable to work during this period.
The rest, as they say is history.